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Dr. Novak  offers an “In Office Treatment Consultation” where he has many diagnostic tools to help him provide you with a more detailed opinion. The cost of the initial Consultation is “free” but x-rays are not. A Panoramic x-ray is $75 and is often all that is required for the initial consultation. All treatment is preceded by an examination and diagnostic process that is not free but will be discussed prior to implementation.

Remember, the quality of the opinion is based on the quality of the information gathered plus the experience and knowledge of the dentist giving it. Dr. Novak  has been practicing General Dentistry for over 25 years and has been reconstructing smiles with dental implants since 1998.  Dr. Novak refers to, and works closely with, a team of surgical specialists who provide the utmost in quality and satisfaction when treating dental implant patients.  By working together with other experts, Dr. Novak is able to guide your treatment from start to finish.

To request a 2nd opinion, use our Contact Us form.

When to Get a Second Opinion

Getting a second opinion on a dental problem is sometimes the most important decision a person can make. In most cases, when a patient wants a second opinion, he or she lacks confidence in the dentist and has doubts about how best to treat their dental condition. In some situations, it is the dentist who requests a second opinion from a dental specialist in order to obtain additional information about a dental problem. Second opinions are important because they may confirm, refute or clarify the situation.

Most people come to their dentist in good faith and with a cooperative attitude. The dentist is often someone they have known and trusted for many years. These dentists are usually able to provide the dental care necessary for their patients, and both are satisfied.

When a person starts going to a new dentist, the situation is completely different. The patient and dentist have no experience or history with each other, and problems can sometimes occur. The dentist’s style or communication skills may present a barrier to the patient. The patient may perceive a lack of confidence or competence from the new dentist. In these situations, it may be wise for the patient to seek a second opinion.

Dental patients should proceed with dental treatment only when they have a high degree of confidence in their dentist.

There are some instances when second opinions are not helpful. It is when the second opinion becomes a fourth, fifth, sixth opinion, or more. These are the patients that keep hearing the same thing from each dentist, but hope to hear something different. If they do finally hear what they want to hear from the seventh dentist, it may not be in their best interest.

Remember, only a dentist can diagnose your dental problems and offer the right treatment plan for you. If you need a dentist, call us at 562-947-7811 to schedule an appointment for consultation and explanation of a long-lasting solution to your dental needs.

Having a second opinion when your doctor gives you a serious diagnosis is not just advised, it’s often expected. But will asking for second opinions work in a dental setting? The answer to that question is simple—if you feel that you need to, then chances are that you probably should get a second opinion. According to Dr. Richard Price, spokesperson for the American Dental Association, there is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion.

Although there is no definite list of dental procedures that are safe to be performed without the need for a second opinion, patients should also understand that one does not have to consult another dentist just to have a cavity fixed. Choosing to have another dentist take a look to verify a certain diagnosis should only be done when major procedures like surgery is required.

So when should one get a second opinion?

There are five scenarios which will reasonably warrant getting a second opinion. The first is when the dentist has just given a major diagnosis like oral cancer. The next reason is if the patient has already had the dental work done and yet it has not fixed the problem. Being unsure with the necessity of the treatment as well as its cost is another ground for asking another professional. Also, if you are not convinced with your dentist’s ability to treat your condition, i.e. needing braces when your dentist is not an orthodontist, as well as not having good rapport with your dentist are two other grounds for seeking a second opinion.

  1. The dentist has given a major diagnosis, such as possible oral cancer.
  2. The patient has already had dental work done but the problem has not been solved.
  3. Is the treatment  really necessary , and is the cost justified?
  4. Can my dentist really treat my condition properly?
  5. I don’t have a good rapport with my dentist.

For these reasons, and possibly others, it will be a wise decision on your part to seek a second opinion for your dental questions.  Dr. Novak will spend all the time you need to make sure your decisions about your dental health are answered to your satisfaction.

To request a 2nd opinion, use our Contact Us form.